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The Buddy Up Harness

The Buddy Up™ Harness helps you to lift, carry, and support a senior pet with mobility issues. Offer your pet the pet the support they need to stay active!

Safely Lift and Support Large Breed Dogs

Each Buddy Up™ Harness is available in four sizes to fit pets from 30 lbs. to 150 lbs. This lightweight and durable harness adjusts down to your dog’s size for the best fit possible. The sleek harness design is comfortable for all-day wear and isn’t bulky like other lifting harnesses.

The Buddy Up Harness is made to fit your dog’s anatomy and offer support precisely where your pet needs it without restricting their range of motion.

The Buddy Up Harness allows pet parents to lift their best friend in these real-life situations safely:

Dog lifting harness for Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
  • Help your dog to climb stairs
  • Lift your dog in and out of the car
  • Offer support for quick walks outside
  • Stabilize your dog as they get in or out of its rear wheelchair

The Lift Support Your Dog Needs

We know every pet’s mobility needs are different, which is why the Buddy Up Harness lets you customize the type of lift support for your pet. Choose the harness that best suits your pet’s mobility needs, and purchase just the front harness, just the rear, or both.

Each Buddy Up Harness features an easy-to-grab handle so that you can maneuver and assist your best friend. The harness is built for your dog’s comfort and allows them to move naturally while wearing it. For example, the Buddy Up™ will enable you to lift your pup into the car or up the stairs.

Front Harness Only

Buddy Up Front Harness for dog with front leg weakness

Unlike other lifting harnesses, the Buddy Up Front Harness supports the entire upper body across the chest and down to the umbilicus.

You can safely (and comfortably!) lift your dog’s front end with padded support around the chest and abdomen. The Buddy Up Front harness features a top handle for easy control and stabilization, perfect for a dog dealing with front leg weakness. 

Rear Harness Only

Buddy Up Rear Harness for dog with leg weakness

In many dogs, mobility loss often begins in the hind legs. The Rear Buddy Up Harness features leg ring style support under the dog’s abdomen for safe and comfortable support.

Front and Rear Harness for Full Lifting Support

Combine both the front and rear Buddy Up Harness to provide balanced support across your pet’s entire body.

The Buddy Up Harness features a clip to connect the front and the back harnesses to keep it safely positioned on your pet.

Walkin’ Wheels Compatible

As pets age, their mobility needs change, which is why the Buddy Up Harness is fully compatible with your pet’s rear Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair.

Each harness comes with the wheelchair clips already attached if your dog doesn’t need them yet, the front harness clips can be removed, and the rear harness clips can be tucked into the harness to keep them out of the way until they’re needed.

How to Choose the Right Size Buddy Up Harness:

Front Harness

SizeWeight RangeChest Girth
Small30 to 45 lbs.22” to 30”
Medium45 to 65 lbs.26” to 35”
Large65 to 95 lbs.30” to 43”
XLarge95 to 150 lbs.37” to 50”

Rear Harness

SizeWeight RangeAbdomen Girth
Small30 to 45 lbs.13” to 20”
Medium45 to 65 lbs.18” to 24”
Large65 to 95 lbs.22” to 27”
XLarge95 to 150 lbs.26” to 38”

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