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Benefits of Front-Mounted Dog Harness

Many dogs experience problems with strength. They rely heavily on their hind legs to propel them forward when climbing and support them while walking. If your dog is experiencing difficulties jumping or walking, is recovering from surgery, or is unable to use their back legs at all, explore the uses and benefits of a front-mounted dog harness.

3 Reasons Why a Dog Needs a Front Lifting Harness

1. Support

A dog may experience loss of strength in their hindquarters for many reasons—for example, hip subluxation issues, meaning partial dislocation of the hip, or a recent injury or surgery. Using a front-mounted harness to help stabilize your dog while walking can make a monumental difference. By securing the harness around the dog’s upper body, you can hold your dog up by walking. You are taking the added weight and pressure off of the lower, less stable half of your dog.

2. Paraplegic

Many dogs face the difficulty of partial paralysis. Exercise and quality of life are still important. Being able to maintain your dog’s health by finding ways to help him stay active are essential. Walkin’ Pets makes pairing equipment easier than ever by making the front-mounted harness attachable to a rear support dog wheelchair. With these two products combined, your dog now has full frontal and back support allowing for more independence and mobility.

3. Comfort

Support and product compatibility contribute to the comfort of your dog when it’s needed most. This harness is helpful, durable, and fleece-lined to provide maximum comfort to allow your dog to wear it for long periods. The benefits of a front-mounted dog harness not only enable you to lend support but also return some level of autonomy to your dog.

Dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be expressed. The ability to pair this mount harness with another product, or use it on its own, will increase your dog’s quality of life. Understanding how to assist in strengthening or even merely maintaining comfort and stability with your dog, will allow you to create new adventures. This way, your dog will have the high quality of life they deserve.

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