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7 Tricks to Be Your Dog’s Favorite Person

The relationship between a human and a dog is one of the best examples of complicity, friendship, and selfless fidelity. Therefore, having a dog as a pet is a wonderful decision. But it is not always easy! Sometimes, some dogs can take a little bit to trust their human family, and there may be different reasons behind them. Do you want it to be easy to get your dog to love you? Follow these tips!

7 Tricks for Your Dog to Love You More than Anyone

Many families have the feeling that their dog “loves” one of the members more than the others. And it may be true! To begin with, some races have a certain predisposition to choose from among all a leader, a person who will follow everywhere and who will show extra admiration. That does not mean that the rest does not also profess unconditional love! But don’t you want to settle for that? Do you want to be your dog’s “favorite”? This is how you do it!

Consider Your Genetics

wheelchair dog walking with family

As we mentioned, it is inevitable sometimes that dogs feel weakness for a particular person. It occurs especially with those who still have the very developed herd instinct, they tend to feel more linked to those who consider the alpha male of their family, a leader to follow unconditionally.

In addition to this, a character also influences. If you have a sweet and good-natured dog, you may feel weakness for children, for example

Education from the Beginning is Important

When a dog comes home, his education counts from day one. When dogs are puppies, all the stimuli around them influence them a lot, they define the character they will have in the future. Therefore, never neglect the education and socialization of your puppy so that he has an emotionally healthy life and good behavior.

Every Day is an Adventure!

Spending time with your pet is essential to establish a good relationship and strengthen ties to the fullest. Go for a walk, go hiking, dog sports, the beach or the countryside … have a good time with your pet and do good things!

That your dog connects you with such pleasant moments will make his perception of you improve more and more … until he is your favorite person!

Find a Pet Compatible With You

Lulu on wheels playing with family

This is fundamental. Not all people lead the same lifestyle nor do we have the same character, the same goes for dogs.

When looking for your pet, try to be as similar to you as possible, in addition to making sure that you will be able to cover all your needs: having the necessary time to dedicate, the money it will cost to keep you, and the space you need at home … Every detail counts!

Learn What Your Dog Likes

When you spend time with him, see what activities he likes to do and repeat them frequently, so he will enjoy his time with you much more! Doing with him his favorite things will make him see that you love him and take care of him.

Try to Improve Situations You Don’t Like

Sometimes, like everyone else, dogs inevitably have to go through situations that dislike or scare them. Try to neutralize these fears to the maximum so that little by little you stop perceiving those moments as something negative.

For example, if your dog is afraid of bathing or traveling by car, let him play with toys during the process, convey affection and safety and give him a good price when you’re done.

Reward Him With Food

Food is one of the favorite things of all dogs. If you use it as a positive reinforcement to teach him things and reward him every time he does something right, we are sure that you will start to be his favorite person.

Ready for your dog to love you more than anyone else? With these tricks, you will get it!

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