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5 Ways the Walkin’ Drag Bag Will Improve Your Dog’s Life

It’s not easy for a paralyzed dog to get around the house. When dogs can no longer move their back legs, their only way to get around is to drag their body. This can lead to rug burns and painful scrapes. The Walkin’ Drag Bag helps paralyzed pets get around safely without hurting themselves. Here are five ways that the Walkin’ Drag Bag will improve a paralyzed pet’s life:

1. Protect Your Pet from Injury

Paralyzed pets are no different than any other pet. They want to play and enjoy life like any other dog. Moving inside the house can be a challenge. Unable to stand or walk on their own, paralyzed pets will drag themselves across the floor, leading to rug burns and other painful injuries. The Drag Bag protects your pet’s chest and legs from scraping injuries as they move across the floor.

2. Improve Mobility Indoors

Getting around inside the house comes with its own set of challenges. Indoor obstacles, such as furniture and narrow hallways, may be difficult for a dog in a wheelchair to navigate on its own without bumping into something.

The Drag Bag moves quickly around tight corners and gives a pet the ability to get around the house safely. Giving them back the ability to move around the house naturally. The bag slides effortlessly across the tile, hardwood, linoleum, and Berber carpeting.  A drag bag is the perfect indoor mobility solution to keep pets active.

3. Keeps Pets Active All Day

A scoot sack is the perfect indoor mobility solution for handicapped and paralyzed pets. Easy to use, the scooter is lightweight and encourages indoor play. The bag encourages your dog’s independence and gives them the freedom to play whenever they want.

4. Great for When Not Using a Wheelchair

Dog in drag bag scoots across floor

Your pet’s wheelchair allows them to run outside, play fetch in the park, or enjoy a long walk at the end of the day.

Wheelchairs are great for outdoors, but for larger dogs, inside the house, they may be cumbersome. Pets living in apartments or older homes with narrow hallways benefit from switching to the scooter when they’re in the house. The drag bag protects your baseboards and walls from unwanted marks and makes those tight turns easier for your dog to maneuver while encouraging them to stay active.

5. Wearable for Extended Periods

Designed for comfort – a scoot sack’s allows your dog to rest on the ground and makes it possible for a dog to lay down and rest when they get tired. It is ideal for dogs who tire easily or frequently ask to be put in and taken out of their wheelchair.

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