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Benefits of Maintaining an Active Lifestyle for Your Pet

Just like humans, pets deserve to live an active lifestyle. It’s beneficial in every aspect, including health-wise. With some patience and consistency, you can train your pet to adopt an active lifestyle. As you do so, it’s best to understand the benefits of maintaining this healthy way of life for your pet.

1.  Reduce the Risk of Obesity

Neglecting your pet comes along with severe consequences, including obesity.  Obesity impacts your dog negatively in several ways:

  • Heart diseases, certain types of cancer, as well as hypertension.
  • The joints become affected as a result of osteoarthritis.
  • It becomes less tolerant of surroundings with high temperatures.

Keeping your dog active helps in keeping excessive body fat at bay. Sometimes you might find it tricky to determine whether your dog is obese. Seek the opinion of a certified veterinarian to get your facts right.

A simple way to know if your dog is anywhere close to being obese is through rib coverage. It should be easier for you to feel the ribs behind your dog’s shoulder blades.

When you struggle to find the ribs, it’s time to get started on some exercises that will keep your dog fit.

2.  Activity Improves Your Dog’s Mood

disabled dog running in cart

Dogs enjoy running around and having to play ‘fetch’ with their owners. Invest in all the necessary material that makes your pet run around and jump. You can come up with fun and exciting ideas that will help your dog maintain an active lifestyle.

For instance, going for a run at the beach over the weekend is an agreeable way to get started. Be intentional about making time to do this despite your hectic schedule.

Also, whether you take it for a long walk on dog harnesses or let it run around freely in a park, it’s never a bad idea to spend some alone time with your pet. They get to have a change of scenery, which is quite refreshing. Carry a tennis ball or some flat and light item to toss around and play with your dog.

Spending quality time with your dog will see it turn from a grumpy and composed dog to a happy and playful one. As a result, its health will begin to make significant improvements.

3.  Staying Active Strengthens Your Bond with Your Pet

Training a handicapped dog new tricks

It’s easy to grow apart from your pet simply because of leading a hectic lifestyle. This can change for the better when you decide to get closer to your pet.

Engaging in all sorts of fun and interactive activities with your dog helps in building a stable relationship. Make up for all the time you’ve lost by taking them along for walks, morning jogs, swimming, and the likes.

Nurturing such an active lifestyle is the equivalent of cementing a bond that already exists between you two. Most importantly, be consistent and watch both your lives turn around for the best.

4.  Improves Their Sleep Patterns

A dog that’s been active for the better part of the day will have no trouble sleeping at night. Their sleep patterns differ significantly from ours due to the difference in our daily schedules.

Most dogs will sleep for longer hours during the day and stay awake for most night hours. The reverse is also true, especially if you’ve been keeping them busy. Physical stimulation affects all other aspects of your dog’s health. You will benefit from the regime of an active lifestyle for your dog. It’s advisable to help it stay active for longer hours of the day.

This way, you’ll both be able to catch up on some quality sleep. Your dog will be too exhausted to stay up barking all night or even wake you up to play ‘fetch.’

In the case of busy days during the week, try getting up earlier than usual and go for morning runs with your dog. Play with your dog when you come back from work. Work towards making this a routine so your dog will have an easy time adjusting to this.

5.  An Active Life = An Active Brain

A dog that’s running all the time and is generally playful has an active brain. What’s more, your dog develops the ability to become more assertive when the need arises.

The long-term benefit of staying active is that it helps ward off Alzheimer’s disease when your pet grows old. A functional brain will slow down the same signs and effects, leaving your dog healthy and generally alert.

6.  Keeps Arthritis Away

Wheelchair Dog takes Vacation

Dogs are also capable of developing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. On the bright side, it’s highly preventable in the most straightforward and doable ways. Keeping your dog active will prevent it from gaining excessive weight.

The joints will suffer as a result of the weight since they’ll become too strained. Moving around helps in keeping the joints lubricated, thus reducing the painful effects of arthritis.

However, check with a certified vet before putting your dog up to heavy tasks and activities, especially if it has arthritis. Go slow on your dog, at least until they are up for a lifestyle change.

General Improvement In The Quality Of Life

An active lifestyle for your dog does more good than harm. You’re better off adopting such because the general quality of both your lives will improve significantly. Your dog will not be bored any longer, and you’ll get to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, your dog will add a year or two and live longer than their inactive counterparts.

Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Handicapped Pets

Handicapped and disabled dogs also have something to look forward to.

Having special needs doesn’t disqualify them from the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

Why a Paralyzed Dog Needs to Stay Active

Mobility is essential for pets with disabilities since it helps get their mind off things and keeps them motivated. In fact, maintaining an active lifestyle is an important part of improving your special needs dog’s overall health.

wheelchair dog plays fetch

The use of canine mobility aids such as dog wheelchairs and lifting harnesses make exercise possible. They help to reduce pressure on aching joints and offer the support needed to keep dogs active.

It is also beneficial because it:

  • Improves blood circulation, especially around the affected parts – Hydrotherapy is one of the most common ways to keep your paralyzed dog active. There are many benefits of hydrotherapy for pets, including increasing resistance without placing additional strain on your dog.
  • Physical therapy is another solution that helps in the regeneration of your dog’s nerves. In the long run, healing takes place, and you notice a considerable change.
  • Prevents muscle atrophy – Keeping your handicapped dog active helps prevent muscle atrophy from occurring and helps to maintain the muscle tone they have left.

In a Nutshell

Your furry baby deserves the best that you can offer. Helping it maintain an active lifestyle is highly beneficial, and all pet owners must embrace this move.

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  1. How wonderful that an active lifestyle for a dog is better for them. I am going on vacation this month and I have a dog. I will find him a reputable pet boarding service locally.

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