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Dog Neurological Disorders, Cerebellar Ataxia

full support dog wheelchair
Above: Tom Turkey

Cerebellar ataxia at first can be somewhat daunting—neurological disorders in anyone, particularly our beloved pets, can often be hard to cope with. Causing a lack of balance and coordination, cerebellar ataxia can give pets trouble walking and going through the general motions of day-to-day life. Sometimes the cause of this condition is hereditary, and other times it can be cause by a tumor or infection of the brain. Whatever the initial onset may be, Handicapped Pets can assist in making sure your pet can live happily and comfortably.

With the Walkin’ Wheels Fully Supportive Dog Wheelchair, or the “Quad Wheelchair,” your dog can get back to doing what he does best: being a dog. Our Quad Wheelchair provides support to your dog, so they can walk without relying so heavily on their legs. This allows your dog to move with ease and stability, and it allows you to rest assured knowing your dog is safe and sound.

The Quad Wheelchair allows your dog to walk without supporting their full weight. This makes it perfect for dogs who are capable of movement, but are limited in their ability to balance. Cerebellar ataxia limits the amount of balance and stability a dog is capable of attaining, but with the help of our Quad Wheelchair, your pup will be walkin’ in no time!

We’ve even received praise for our Walkin’ Wheels Fully Supportive Dog Wheelchair from pet owners whose dogs have cerebellar ataxia; see for yourself!

four wheel corgi wheelchair
Above: Jolly Mon

“Thank you very much! My dog has cerebellar ataxia, and couldn’t walk because he had so much trouble balancing. The Quad Wheelchair is perfect. Now he is able to walk and do all the things that he did before! The wheelchair rehabilitation in addition to stem cell therapy has improved his health substantially. Now he is happy! The wheelchair quite literally saved his life. I am completely satisfied! Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Christos Anagnostou”

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