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German Shepherds (GSD) can lose their ability to walk from injuries or illnesses

paralyzed german shepherd dog wheelchair

German Shepherds are one of the more common dog breeds in the U.S. Because of their active nature, they are a common dog breed to become injured or develop physical illnesses. With the help of the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair, German Shepherds (GSD) that have suffered from illness or injury can start enjoying a happy and healthy life again by walking, running, & playing again.

Some of the common illnesses German Shepherds (GSD) are in danger of developing are hip and elbow dysplasia, polymyositis, and arthritis. These diseases can make it difficult for German shepherds and other dog breeds to walk, run, play, or even stand and support their own weight. When an injured or disabled German shepherd (GSD) can no longer support its own weight or walk, they will need a mobility aid to continue walking. One of the best mobility aids for German shepherds is the dog wheelchair. The dog wheelchair can support the dog’s weight while they use their strong limbs to pull themselves along. The dog wheelchair is designed to feel natural and comfortable for the German shepherd so they can live their life happily and healthy.

Common Diseases

german shepherd dog wheelchair DM

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia is a disease usually developed genetically in German Shepherds (GSD). The elbow and hip joints suffer from a structural defect in the cartilage. This will cause a lot of wear and tear of the joints, leading to eventual degradation of the joint. German Shepherds who suffer from this disease sometimes lose their ability to walk, or develop trouble walking on their own. The dog wheelchair can help dogs with dysplasia walk strong again.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
Degenerative myelopathy is a disease that affects a dog’s spinal cord and eventually leads to complete paralysis of the rear limbs.  Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is often characterized as an autoimmune disease because it is believed that the immune system attacks the central nervous system.  Many dogs who suffer from degenerative myelopathy have successfully used the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair as a mobility aid to assist with walking and in an effort to maintain muscle tone as the disease progresses in its level of paralysis.

Arthritis in Dogs
Arthritis affects one in five dogs. Arthritis affects dogs similarly as it does humans, as the dog will start to feel great cramps and pains and will find that their joints will feel stiff and will ache. The symptoms will be most prominent when your dog or pet wakes up from a nap, and favors certain limbs or seems to struggle holding weight on one limb. Unfortunately, there is no cure for dog arthritis, but with physical therapy and a series of medications can help your dog improve the condition.

Dog Wheelchair Benefits

The Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair is designed to help German Shepherds and other dog breeds walk again when they have lost their ability to walk or have trouble with mobility. Whether your dog is ill and needs extra support, or has become paralyzed, the dog wheelchair will support and assist your canine friend with walking.

German Shepherds (GSD) who may be recovering from any front or rear limb injury can also benefit from the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair as a recovery aid. Dogs that are going through physical therapy can use the dog wheelchair to help them get the proper exercise they need while their broken or injured limbs are recovering.

German Shepherd News

degenerative myelopathy dog wheelchair
August 16 – Injured German Shepherd Dog Rescued From Mountain

A man and his wife found an abandoned German shepherd dog (GSD) while hiking Mount Bierstadt in Colorado on August 11th. Scott Woshborn with his wife, Alison, were enjoying a simple hike on a “14er”, which is described to be 14,000 feet high and considered a class 3 trail, a more difficult trail for the inexperienced hiker. At one point, when Scott was ahead of Alison, Alison found the dog nestled into a tiny nook between rocks. The dog was too heavy to carry down the mountain, and was too injured to be able to make it down the mountain on its own. They left him with some water, and went off to find some help. Not too much later on, they alerted the forest rangers, but were regrettably informed that there was nothing they could do to help.

They could not imagine leaving the dog to die, the two called everyone they knew, posted on Facebook asking for help, this led to an organization of eight experienced hikers set to hike up the mountain and rescue the dog. After a nine hour rescue mission, they were able to successfully carry the dog down the mountain to safety.

The dog was identified as Misty, an eight year old German shepherd (GSD). She was brought to a nearby hospital, and has seen a full recovery with the help of physical therapy. Misty used a dog wheelchair to help her walk during her recovery, and would not have seen as healthy of a recovery if weren’t for the help of the dog wheelchair.

A Word from a Happy Customer – Prince the German Shepherd Loves his Walkin’ Wheels.

“Today was a big day for us. Prince’s cart arrived this afternoon. My daughter was excited and helped put it together. We took him outside and hooked him up in it. He is a little unsure of it, but he did manage a few steps with some coaxing. When he is in the cart, I noticed that his back legs kind of go out some. I thought for sure he would roll over his feet, he didn’t. He seemed excited about it too.

We have been going on long walks, hikes, and taking plenty of trips to the local dog park. He truly is a Prince, as he is always a favorite of everyone at the parks, dogs and people alike. Thanks again for helping my little Prince walk again, we cannot express our happiness and gratitude.

Thank you again”

german shepherd dog wheelchair DM
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