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How to Adjust Your Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

The way your dog’s wheelchair fits them is critical to how they move (and how they feel) when they’re using their wheelchair. A well-adjusted wheelchair means a more comfortable dog and increases the likelihood that they’ll enjoy their time in their new cart!

Unsure about the fit of your Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair? Please take the following steps to make sure the wheelchair is fitted correctly for your pet to stay active.

How to Adjust Your Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair can be adjusted to fit them perfectly. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your dog’s new cart is correctly fitted for their comfort.

How to Fit a Dog Wheelchair

Getting the perfect wheelchair fit is crucial for every pet. Your dog’s wheelchair may need adjustments throughout the life of your pet. This can be due to changes in weight or your pet’s activity level. Using push buttons, a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair can be easily adjusted in height, length, and width. If a pet’s size changes, the wheelchair is easily adjusted, so the fit is just right.

How Should my Walkin’ Wheels Fit?

Correct Fitting of Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

When a pet uses Walkin’ Wheels, they should look similar to the photo above. The wheelchair’s black knuckle (dial) should be centered on your dog’s hip, with the wheelchair frame and side extender bars running along the center of your pet’s body.

Follow the steps below if you think your dog’s wheelchair needs height, length, or width adjustments.


Free Guide to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Dog Wheelchair

Adjusting the Height of a Dog Wheelchair

Adjust height of dog wheelchair

To ensure your Walkin’ Wheels are adjusted to the correct height, the knuckle (black circular block on wheelchair frame) should be in line with the center of the dog’s hips. Use the push buttons on the leg of the wheelchair frame to adjust the height. The wheelchair frame and side extenders should be parallel to the ground, with equal distance between the top and bottom of the dog’s abdomen.

If the dog maintains use of its back legs, the toe pads should be touching the ground (this may require loosening or tightening the leg rings, which will hang 2-3″ below the frame). For a dog with complete paralysis in the rear, the dog should use the included stirrups to keep the back legs from dragging.

Adjusting the Length of a Dog Wheelchair

Adjusting the length of Walkin' Wheels

You can check the length of your Walkin’ Wheels by the position of the front harness clips. The D-Ring clips should be just behind the dog’s shoulder blade, leaving room for defecation behind the dog’s rump. We recommend placing your dog’s tail over the back of the wheelchair frame to help your dog poop cleanly while in the wheelchair. Adjust the length using the push buttons on the wheelchair frame and side extenders. You might have to loosen or tighten the black strap of the front harness to achieve the correct positioning.

When using Walkin’ Wheels, the dog’s back should be in a straight line. The back should be flat without hunching, arching, or dipping down. If her back sags, either use the included belly belt or purchase a Walkin’ Belly Support for additional security. If your dog’s back is sloped or arched, there may be some additional adjustments needed. Need help? Call our Wheelchair Experts at 888-253-0777, we’re always happy to help you get the perfect fit for your dog’s cart.

Adjusting the Width of a Dog Wheelchair

Dog Wheelchair Adjustment of Width

To figure out the correct width of your Walkin’ Wheels, determine the widest part of the dog; this is usually the dog’s chest. When the dog is in the wheelchair, the side extenders should lightly touch the dog’s shoulders with at least 1/2″ of space on each side of the hips.

For dogs whose hips are touching the wheelchair frame, you will need to increase the width of the wheelchair to allow for a bit more room. A too-narrow cart may restrict your dog’s movements. Likewise, a wheelchair that is too wide may not give your dog the right level of support.

If the width needs adjustments, you can use the push buttons on the back of the wheelchair and width connector. Remember that you may have to tighten or loosen the leg rings after this adjustment.

Walkin’ Wheels Fit Tips

Adjusting the Side Extender

dog wheelchair adjustment

When fitted perfectly, the sidebar of the wheelchair should run through the center of your dog’s body.

The wheelchair frame and extender should be parallel to the ground with your dog in a natural standing position.

Troubleshooting: Frame is Angled Upwards

dog wheelchair fit

If the sidebar of your dog’s wheelchair is pointing upwards, you need to adjust the wheelchair harness to get the proper fit and alignment.

Loosen the blue strap of the harness (the strap across your dog’s back) and tighten the red strap of the harness (under your dog’s belly). Continue adjusting the harness until the sidebar runs parallel to the ground.

Troubleshooting: Frame is Angled Downwards

how to adjust dog wheelchair

Similar to the adjustments made above, we will need to adjust the harness straps to level off the wheelchair frame.

Starting with the red harness strap (under your dog’s belly), loosen the strap and tighten the blue strap (across your dog’s back). Continue to adjust the harness until the wheelchair frame runs parallel to the ground.

Need Additional Help Adjusting Your Walkin’ Wheels?

contact walkin' pets

If you are still unsure about the fit of your Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair or would like a professional opinion, we are more than happy to help! Please send us an email with rear and side view photos of your pet, as well as the name, phone number, and sales receipt number the wheelchair was purchased under.

Our wheelchair experts will review your photos and give you step-by-step guidance on how to adjust your wheelchair for the perfect fit! We’re also happy to schedule a FaceTime call for fitting help!

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
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Buddy Up Harness

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dog wheelchair fitting

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Enjoy these helpful tips on how to get your dog used to their new wheelchair!

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  1. Hello my name is Chelsea and I just recently got my Eddie’s wheelchair in the mail and I put it together and I’m having trouble with my dog trying to fit her in it she’s also blind and so we’re having difficulties trying to adjust it and giving her set to the right measurements if it’s possible can somebody send me a video or call me or something that can help me walk through the steps I’m trying to make this process a little bit easier for my dog and myself I greatly appreciate it thank you so much.

    • Hi Chelsie, we’re happy to help you, however we manufacture the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. If you’d like you can give us a call at 888-253-0777, our wheelchair experts can try to help you

  2. Hello,

    We recently purchased a wheelchair for our elderly dog, Smokey. Everything seems to be adjusted according to the instructions but, when he is standing, he keeps his front legs locked straight and then he starts to roll backwards, keeping his legs forward until he’s leaning drastically forward and can’t get back up.

    Is there an adjustment I can make to help counter this issue?

    • Hi Dustin – it does sound like there might be some adjustments needed to Smokey’s wheelchair. Could you please send us photos of Smokey in his wheelchair so we can take a look? Please email them to us at or call us at 888-253-0777 and we would be happy to schedule a video call with you!

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