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Managing Life with a Disabled Pet

Life with a dog that can’t walk can be challenging, and of course a little scary at times too. Questions often pop up about managing daily care, and veterinarians aren’t always able to answer everything going through your mind.

Dog Wheelchair LIFE is a website dedicated to solving this problem. The stories and articles answer real-life pet questions with practical explanations. And thanks to advice from experienced canine health experts and pet parents like you, we’re all helping the paralyzed pet caretakers around the world learn ways to make life better for their dogs and families.

Here’s a quick story about one member of our community.

One Pet Owner’s Experience

While sitting in a waiting room as her pint-sized Papillion, Logan, underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc, pet mom Linda discovered Dog Wheelchair LIFE.

Only three hours earlier, Logan showed his first signs of pain, accompanied by difficulty walking.  Linda rushed him to their vet’s office, where he was quickly transferred to a surgical center. Logan was in “guarded condition.”

Corgi wheelchair for IVDD

Though Linda acted fast and Logan received great care, his hind legs were paralyzed. He remained in the hospital for a full week as he recovered, while his devoted mom spent her time learning all she could about the new normal that would soon become her dog’s life.

“Reading the upbeat articles on the website gave me hope,” said Linda. “It showed me options that are available, and let me see that I could take care of Logan no matter what happened.”

Logan arrived home a few days later, along with a sling and orders for a month of crate rest. Though crate rest can be daunting for pets and their parents, Linda felt more confident about the ordeal thanks to the practical tips she’d received from the Dog Wheelchair LIFE community.

She knew exactly which type of crate to use for her pup’s need, the best place in her room to place it, a plan of attack for potty time, and even some special tips to help make Logan feel comfortable during the uncomfortable ordeal. 

Logan made it through his time in a crate with flying colors. And with lots of physical therapy, he is now able to stand on his own and even wag his tail.

Times Have Changed

Disabled dogs today are lucky. There are lots of mobility devices and treatments to manage their disease. Not long ago, animals with spine disorders were routinely euthanized. Now wheelchairs are a normal part of their care and the inability to walk isn’t an end of life decision. Today, it’s the start of a new chapter for pets and their families.

Dog Wheelchair LIFE plays a role in this conversation by introducing pet owners to wheelchairs, scooters, strollers and other mobility devices and explaining which dog benefits from them. We also explain treatments such as canine physical therapy, hydrotherapy and laser therapy so pet parents thoroughly understand how they assist paralyzed animals. 

Solving Daily Life Problems


Our mission to teach pet families how to take care of their paralyzed dog, has been around for a while. We’ve been helping disabled pets for 6 years as Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog.

Our new focus is to provide in-depth information that’s easy to understand. Everything on the site is updated and organized by your dog’s spine disorder. There are even downloadable guides and printable materials.

Here are some topics you’ll find:

  • How to manage your dog’s care when you work from home
  • How to recognize, treat and prevent urinary tract infections
  • Tips to keep a dog diaper from slipping off
  • Best places to find a qualified pet sitter for a paralyzed dog
  • How to have a successful road trip with a disabled pet
  • Tips to safely bathe a dog who can’t stand

Dog Wheelchair LIFE creates a safe, stress-free environment for disabled dogs, by transforming pet owners from novice caretakers to experts. We do this because we know people are willing to go to great lengths to help their dog, when they’re shown what to do.

Sharon Seltzer is an animal write and animal advocate. She’s one of the founding members of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in Las Vegas, NV. She’s a pet mom to two quirky dogs and two semi-feral cats. Sharon was also mom to Sophie, a very special paralyzed pup. Learn more at Dog Wheelchair LIFE.

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