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How To Extend Your Dogs’ Potential Lifespan?

When You Love Your Dog, You Will Do Anything To Help It As Long As Possible

Sometimes regardless of your best efforts, your dog can still have health problems. However, in general, by following some basic steps, you can increase your dogs’ potential lifespan.

Eating Habits

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Make sure to feed your dog a balanced and high-quality diet in the correct amount. As your dog grows, its nutritional needs will also change. For example, golden retrievers’ stages of life will need different types of balance in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to maintain good canine health. Slowly wean your pup towards adult food as it grows.

Try to ensure that the correct amount of food is given to your dog. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for its long-term growth. Overweight dogs are more prone to osteoarthritis and can reduce their mobility. Refrain from giving your dog any food that is too high in fat, especially human food.

Exercise Regime

You definitely know about this one as it is a critical factor in maintaining the health of your dog. Just like how exercise is beneficial to human health, it is the same for the health of the dog. It strengthens the muscles and keeps your dog fit. As the dog will age, they will naturally lose their strength and muscle. When they are fit, they can progress more strongly when they age. Exercising and playing games with your dog will keep it healthy and also make its mind sharp. It also keeps them from being depressed. 

Safe Environment

Keep your house a safe place for the dog to live. That means making sure there are no areas that can cause any danger or accidents to the dog. While it is not possible to ward off any accidents from taking place, but still by taking precautions you can best prevent any unpleasant events. This also means providing them a safe place to eat and sleep. If you live in a cold country, then make sure your dog has a nice and warm place to sleep. When exposed to cold conditions too often, your dog may develop sores and their mobility will be affected. Keep their food and water bowl clean and free from any dirt or bacteria.  

Outdoor Safety

Always keep your dog on a leash when you are in a traffic area. This is mandatory even if your dog is very well behaved. Sometimes due to unpredictable instincts, even the most obedient and trustworthy dogs can misbehave. They might be standing next to you and another moment dashing after a cat or squirrel, chasing it down the street. In such scenarios, you run the risk of your dog being hit by a car, and sometimes it can be fatal. If you are taking your dog out in the car, then leash it before getting it out of the car. Due to their small size, they are often hard to spot for other car drivers. 

Oral Health

Bacteria can migrate from their mouth from rotted teeth and enter the dogs’ bloodstream. Dental and oral health is more than just a vanity option that you need to take care of. Initially what may start with unsightly teeth and bad breath could eventually become a more problematic scenario. The quality of you dogs’ life may get affected as the bone around their teeth resorbs. The teeth will become loose and start to decay. This is very painful for the dog. Keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy so it can be helpful for him in the aging years. 

Know the Breed

Different dogs are exposed to different risk factors that are dependant on the breed. By researching and learning about your dogs’ breed, you will be able to easily recognize and subtle signs of diseases. For example, Dobermans are more prone to heart problems while boxers develop cell tumors easily. When you are familiar with the specific breed of your dog, you can take action before the ailment gets too serious. 

Don’t Skip Vet Appointments

You definitely will know your dog well. However, there are some things related to its medical and overall health, that are not always visible to the eye. For this very reason, even if your dog is hale and hearty, you must make it a point to schedule regular appointments for check-ups. The vet might be able to notice or treat some problems that are still at a very early stage. This gives your dog a better chance at beating the health issues.

A healthy lifestyle and proper care for your dog will make sure that you get to live long and happy years with your furry friend.


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