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Dog Wheelchair Helps Injured Rescue Dog in Nepal

Kalu was a street dog in Kathmandu, Nepal. He was hit by a car and then dragged himself under a parked car after he’d been hit. Fortunately, that car belonged to a woman named Carole Ross.

Rough Start to Dog’s Life

Carole, an Australian living in Nepal, guesses that Kalu is about nine months to one year old; he still has baby teeth in the front. Kalu was either lucky or has good instincts, because he found the right car to hide underneath after he’d been hit. He found a big, warm heart in Carole, whose sense of compassion moved her to save him. Carole said,

“He was on the opposite side of a super busy road looking very sick, and after a short time away, I returned to find him under the back axle of my car. I eventually found a vet who said to leave him in the gutter for the night. Not something I could or would do.”


Carole brought the dog, whom she named Kalu, to a veterinarian.

X-rays showed that the lower part of his spine was completely broken.

He also had punctured lungs, was completely incontinent, and had tick fever.

Street Dogs in Nepal

map-of-NepalCarole reports that many dogs are hit by cars and motorbikes in the busy city of Kathmandu. Generally, street dogs are not cared for at all and lead a very difficult life. Walkin’ Pets donated a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to help Kalu start his new life. Carole says,

“The wheelchair will give him such relief and joy at being able to run with our other “street dog” that we rescued three years ago. I believe your generous donation will be the first non-homemade wheel aid and form of transport in Nepal for our dog friends.

There are so very many dogs in this part of the world that are not well cared for. Vietnam, Nepal, and India are countries that I know of where so much needs to be done to educate and find ways to show folks that dogs need the same level of care as humans do.”

Dog Wheelchair Donation Makes a Difference

rescue-dog-gets-careOne of Kalu’s back feet was “half eaten,” and the other severely damaged. Dog boots were sent to help protect them, along with the dog wheelchair. After Carole received the shipment in Nepal, she reported that

“Kalu loves his wheels and looks like a dog who thinks he’s king of the world, especially when he meets other dogs. We had the wheels with us yesterday at the vet – a resounding success and amazement.”

Sadly, living his life as a street dog before being rescued resulted in Kalu being fairly aggressive. His survival, after all, had depended on a “survival of the fittest” mentality. Carole’s other dog, Lucky, had been very welcoming and struggled to understand why Kalu was not a willing playmate. It has taken a long time for Kalu to learn to trust and to begin to play with Lucky.

A Dog’s New Life

Through Carole’s loving care, Kalu has been growing stronger. He is learning that there is another way of life — a transformed life, borne of Carole’s proactive and generous actions.

“Kalu really manages his Walkin’ Wheels very well, regardless of how difficult the track is. He’s taken to them like a duck to water and goes for walks over the roughest tracks, as well as some smooth roads. Nothing seems to faze him.

Yesterday we had to take him into the city for X-rays to his abdomen. He managed crowded pavements, hugely busy traffic, and many, many motor bikes. He resists a bit with hills, but he took it all in stride. People had never seen anything like it, and all moved a little to take a look and give him the space he needed.

This gift from your company will no doubt start some serious discussions about how more street dogs can benefit from a little help.”

Compassionate Pet Care

Thank you to Carole for her compassionate pet care. Here is a video of Kalu in his Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. It is easy to see how he is enjoying his second chance at life!

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