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Disabled Rescue Dog Needs Permanent Home

Sometimes dogs, like people, seem to be born with the cards stacked against them. Ayana’s life may have started that way, but then her luck soon radically changed. Born in Ethiopia, Ayana was severely injured and would likely have died in the ditch she was lying in had not Lady Luck stepped in. Please read Ayana’s story and see if you might be part of her happy ending!

Bad Fortune/Good Fortune

At just a year of age, Ayana has already experienced extreme ups and downs. She was found as a pup in a drainage ditch in an impoverished Ethiopian neighborhood. Her back appeared to be broken, likely the result of being beaten, which caused rear leg paralysis.

But good fortune was just a breath away, because Ayana’s rescuers were put in touch with Claudia Neto of PATA Mozambique, (an organization that rescues dogs and cats). PATA, along with a number of caring individuals, set in motion a series of events that would bring the dog to the U.S. within a mere 10 days.

Rescue Dog Comes to U.S.

Part of Ayana’s good fortune was that PATA connected with Jill Murray. Jill is a registered veterinary technician specialist at Oklahoma State University’s Animal Resources department. Jill, who has four dogs of her own, agreed to foster Ayana until a permanent home could be found. Ayana arrived in the U.S. with a host of medical problems. In addition to the rear leg paralysis, she had severe skin ulcerations, skin wounds, and parasites. Jill says,

She was so exhausted her first night, she fell asleep while we tended to her wounds.”

medium rear dog wheelchair
Ayana in her new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair

Shortly after, Walkin’ Pets donated a  Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair to Ayana, which enables her to be fully mobile and enjoy an active life.

Nala is a registered therapy dog

One of Jill’s other dogs, Nala, also uses a Walkin’ Wheels, so Ayana is in good company. 

Nala is a registered therapy dog on the Oklahoma State University campus, and is part of their innovative Pete’s Pet Posse pet therapy program. 

Life Blossoms!

Before long, Ayana’s health improved dramatically, and her outlook and spirit were also blossoming — fitting for a dog whose name means “beautiful flower” in Ethiopian.

“Ayana has adjusted to life as a spoiled house dog and isn’t looking back,” said foster mom Jill. “She loves a good wrestle with her Great Dane sister, and even more a good run in the park.”

Watch this video to see how well Ayana gets around, and note her playful spirit!

Jill loves Ayana and is dedicated to helping her build a bright future. However, Jill herself has had recent surgery and several hospitalizations. Consequently, she is hoping an adoptive family will step forward soon to give Ayana a forever home. Jill says,

“As much as I would love to keep her, I already have four dogs of my own. That includes one in a wheelchair and a couple of seniors, so I worry I can’t give Ayana the time she desires and deserves. Although she has fallen in love with my Great Dane who has taken her under her wing!

disabled-rescue-dog  disabled dog plays in dog wheelchair

support disabled rescue dog
Ayana with her foster siblings: Hannah the Newfoundland, Autumn the Great Dane, Gracie the long-haired Chihuahua, and Nala the Shih Tzu

Rescue Dog Needs Permanent Home

Ayana is well adjusted to her Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, which she uses daily. The injuries Ayana sustained in Ethiopia also left her incontinent. Using doggie diapers is advised for any family considering adopting this affectionate dog into their home.

Ayana has come so far – both literally and figuratively – since she arrived in Oklahoma late last spring. Her foster mom has done a remarkable job in helping Ayana to heal and adjust to life off the streets. Ayana now needs one more person to complete her journey to freedom and lifelong happiness – could that be YOU? Jill says,

“Ayana’s excitement and the love she shows is heartwarming. She is a beautiful girl with an amazing personality who is definitely taking advantage of her second chance at life. Considering she had such a rough start to life, she isn’t letting that hold her back at all. I think she will lead a full life despite her disability.

disabled rescue dog
Do you want to become Ayana’s family?


Please contact Jill directly if you might be the one to give Ayana a forever home:

Finally, read more about Ayana’s arrival to the U.S. in this Stillwater News Press story.


Jill decided to make Ayana part of her forever family! Ayana has melded with the entire family, and Jill has decided she is where she’s meant to be!

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  1. […] “As much as I would love to keep her, I already have four dogs of my own. That includes one in a wheelchair and a couple of seniors, so I worry I can’t give Ayana the time she desires and deserves. Although she has fallen in love with my Great Dane who has taken her under her wing,” Jill Murray told Handicapped Pets.  […]

  2. To Whom it may concern,
    We are dog lovers!! Some people call us “dog crazy”! It is a compliment! We have 6 children, one of them special needs. We have 4 dogs, they are also our babies. Our twins who we adopted through foster care are very close. One of them is saving money for her twin sister (who is special needs due to being abused as an infant) to buy her a dog for Christmas. We came across your website and were wondering if you had special needs dogs that need a home? We have never contacted any agency with this request and were just wanting some information and insight on a special need dog for a special need child.
    Thank you for everything you do.

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