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Capturing Your Pet in the Best Photos and Videos

Dog and cat photos and videos have practically taken over social media these days! Three media experts shared their pet photo and video tips with Walkin’ Pets blogger and Marketing Director Lisa Murray on the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast.

Pet Stars!

Nowadays, there are many social media stars with four paws — or hooves. Dogs, cats, goats, and other pets frequently have tremendous Instagram and Facebook followings. Many YouTube videos of pets have also gone viral.

Walkin’ Pets by notes that many pets in Walkin’ Wheels are particularly endearing and are quite popular! Scooty, voted “Happiest Dog on the Planet” by People Magazine, has a loyal following. Goats of Anarchy has many goats in Walkin’ Wheels and has a very large Instagram presence. Speaking of goats, ChamptheDwarfGoat from New Hampshire, is getting increasingly popular on Facebook! And we can’t fail to mention Facebook’s OscarMadisonNYC, or the_Dotty on Instagram!

These are just a few of the many pets who are known and beloved by the general public. Perhaps this allows people who are unable to have pets to enjoy them from afar. Maybe people need a break from the troubles of the world and just love seeing adorable animals! Or maybe the popularity of so many pets demonstrates how pets are being treated as family members more and more these days.

Whatever the reason, pet photos and videos are FUN! So, join in by taking the best photos and videos of your own pets!

Media Production Expertise

Kyle Thomas creates both video and photo content for his company and focuses on developing new and creative marketing strategies to help connect businesses and brands directly with their consumers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Kyle notes the importance of being flexible when capturing a pet on film. Sometimes the best shots or video happen spontaneously, so the best strategy is often to be ready at all times!

Kyle produced the Walkin’ Pets music video “To the Pets!” which is currently gaining traction on Facebook and YouTube. He captured dogs, a cat, a snake, and a goat — as well as some humans — to create the engaging and entertaining video. Kyle emphasizes the value of taking photos and/or video at the pet’s level, so the viewer can see things from the pet’s perspective. He also suggests de-cluttering whatever background is being used for your pet, so that the focus is on the pet and the photo looks professional.

Pet Photo & Video Tips

Mikayla Feehan, social media coordinator at Walkin’ Pets, talks about coming up with fun themes for videos and general video editing techniques, like overlaying text. Mikayla utilizes her creativity in many ways; her original lyrics are featured in the To the Pets! music video.

Karin Anderson, graphic designer at Walkin’ Pets, says Smart phones have excellent cameras in them, so it is no longer essential to have an expensive camera in order to get a good photo. She suggests focusing on lighting when capturing a terrific photo of your pet; make sure the light is shining on your pet. In addition, she stresses that patience is key in working with pets.

Furthermore, you can look for new products on the market that connect a dog treat or toy to your phone. Finally, Karin says to tap on the phone when you have your pet in the viewer; the camera will focus on your pet and adjust the lighting accordingly.

More Tips on Tap in the Radio Podcast

For more information about capturing the best photos and videos of your pets, listen to the “Capturing Your Pet in Photos and Video” episode of the “Happy, Healthy Pets” radio podcast.

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