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Bella’s Bumba Is a Unique Invention that Helps Children

Rebecca Orr and her husband Marty Parzynski invented the chair they’ve dubbed “Bella’s Bumba” after their niece Bella, who is paralyzed from the knees down. Walkin’ Pets help Bella’s Bumbas with wheel donations for their innovative chairs for children with Spina Bifida.

Child’s Mobility Chair Inspired by Love

Rebecca and Marty got the inspiration for the Bella’s Bumba chair out of love for their niece. They wanted to do something to help make her life easier. Insurance companies do not pay for wheelchairs for very young children (generally under 4 or 5 years old) because they grow out of the chairs so quickly.

Consequently, many children suffering with Spina Bifida or other grave illnesses are not able to get around very well. The invention of Bella’s Bumba solves that problem.

What Is a Bella’s Bumba?

Marty creates a Bella's Bumba
Marty creates a Bella’s Bumbas

Bella’s Bumba is comprised of a small platform with a plastic seat (called a mega seat) affixed to it. Each side then has wheels attached, and presto! Mobility!

Rebecca and Marty were so gratified to see what a difference the chair made in Bella’s life that they wanted to help other children with Spina Bifida and other ailments that affect mobility. The couple began a Facebook page to let others know about the Bella’s Bumba chair.

But it didn’t stop there. They offered to make the chair for families free of charge.

Wheel Donation

Walkin' Wheels donates wheels for children's wheelchair
Box of donated wheels

Rebecca contacted a staff member at Walkin’ Pets to inquire about purchasing wheels for children waiting for their chairs.

Walkin’ Pets, which is the parent company of Small Tires & Wheels, offered to donate the wheels.

Walkin’ Pets is thrilled to be able to donate the wheels it uses on its Walkin’ Wheels pet wheelchairs to such a great cause!

Freedom, Independence, Joy

The couple report that Bella has better hand-eye coordination since using the chair. She also has a much greater sense of freedom and independence. For Bella, the chair has meant happiness.

For Rebecca and Marty, the chair has meant joy. Joy in not only helping their beloved niece, but joy in helping so many other children and families.

Join In!

To join with Rebecca and Marty in making a huge difference in the lives of children, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

For more about Bella’s Bumbas, go to these two news reports: Democrat & Chronicle and video on the TODAY SHOW website!

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  1. This invention is exactly what a 2 year old boy desperately needs. Can you please help Riaan and his family. He is a smart boy who wants to move around, but can not on his own. This seat with wheels would be the best thing for him. Would you be able to help me get one for Riaan. I really hope that you can provide the seat with wheels for Riaan. Thank you

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